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Baked Dip Mixes | Gourmet du Village

Brand Name



Brand: Gourmet du Village


Size: Caramelised Onion 0.7 oz (20g) – Cheddar + Bacon 0.8 oz (23g) – Cheesy Nacho 0.85 oz (24g) – Crab 0.7 oz (21g) – Fiery Sriracha 0.8 oz (25g) – French Onion 0.6 oz (18g)


Ingredients: Caramelised Onion – onion, garlic, red bell pepper, herbs and spices, sea salt, green onion, natural flavour, sow sodium; Cheddar + Bacon – cheddar, cheese powder flavour (milk and salt), garlic, onion, green onion, spices, smoke flavour; Cheesy Nacho – onion, spices, tomato, garlic, sugar, red and green bell pepper, cacao, salt, corn starch, jalapeño chili, silicon dioxide; Crab – onion, paprika, garlic, green onion, leek, spices; Fiery Sriracha – spices, garlic, brown sugar, salt, citric acid, low sodium; French Onion – dehydrated vegetables (onion, garlic, chive, leek), spices