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Brain Fart Game

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  • Is it legal to wave at a stranger? Is James Bond a virgin? Do people sing in the shower? Can breath mints treat a stiff neck? Do neighbors appreciate loud parties on weeknights?
  • In Brainfart, players are faced with 1,100 inane, ridiculous, and laugh-out-loud questions. The challenge? To blurt out the opposite of the correct answer with no time for thinking. It´s harder than it sounds!
  • Brainfart is an incredibly entertaining game, where a yes is a no and a no is a yes. Who can keep it going the longest and who blanks out completely?
  • Contain 110 cards with 1,100 questions. Ideal for a cozy night in, a lively party, or a dinner with friends!
  • Players 2+ / Age 14+ / Box size 5.7 x 5.7 x 1.8 inches


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