En’tyce | Vita Afro Curl Defining Gel



En’tyce Vita(min) Afro Gel is one of the best natural hair care products which will keep your hair healthy, soft, and will enhance your Natural Curl formation without cones and plastics. This curly hair gel is Rich in vitamins and minerals made with some key ingredients as Irish Moss and Flax Seed. Our Vitamin enriched gel has a delicate formulation of vitamins A,D,E,F and K along with Omega-3 fatty acid, phosphorus and potassium. Great for touch-ups between washes, and detangling hair, your hair will thank you for it.  Not tacky and no residue build-up.INSTRUCTIONS

Apply to damp hair, after applying En’tyce Daily Moisturizing Serum and spritzing with Vita Afro Beverage, then Vita(min) Afro Pudding from root to tip for best results.   Rub a quarter size amount of Vita Afro Pudding between hands and distribute over hair (depending on length).  If hair has no kink and/or is low porosity then you can omit the pudding.

For Twist and Braid Out Styles apply small amount to fingers and apply to each section of hair. Fluff, pick, finger comb or brush out with a paddle brush. Allow to dry naturally or twists or braid while hair is damp and allow to dry.

If for a Wash & Go / Curl Definition Styles then apply En’tyce Moisturizing Conditioner (as it doubles as a leave-in) the Gel over top.  Use a water bottle with warm water should you need to hydrate your hair while applying.  You has should be very wet upon first application.

Air dry or for faster drying time use a dome dryer or blow dryer with a diffuser attachment.

Depending on weather, humidity will determine how often you will want to reactivate the gel and hydrate your hair.  You can either reactivate and rehydrate at night with water conditioner and gel and re-twist.  Cover hair with a cap.  Or reactive and rehydrate with water in the shower.  Use your fingers to work in to restyle and reshape to ensure your desired look and curls are in place.

Your hair will thank you for it, Vitamin, botanical herbs, and hair quenching natural oil will make combing an ease.

Also great for touchups between washes. Enjoy Soft, Nourished, Smooth and manageable hair in wonderfully healthy condition.  Enjoy!!



Purified Herb Infused Water, Irish Moss, Flax, Vegetable Glycerin, Dehydroxanthan Gum, Jojoba Oil, EVCP Coconut Oil Black Seed Oil, 100% Pure Shea Butter, Manuka Honey, Burdock, Horsetail, Proprietary Blend of Medicinal Herbs & Essential Oils, Panthenol, MSM, Biotin, Paraben-Free Preservative

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