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Friski Whiski Premium Alcohol Free Spirits 375ml - Locally Made in Calgary


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Sexy AF Friski Whiski is an alcohol free whisky made for mocktails, cocktails and low alcohol drinks.

Tasting like a cinnamon whisky style features botanicals like All Spice, Angelica, Cinnamon and many more.  Our Friski Whiski has many benefits for people wishing to drink alcohol free or non alcoholic mocktails.


Cinnamon – Sweet and mellow, Korintje cinnamon is the type of cinnamon we all remember from our childhood. It is by far the most common in America, so this is the familiar flavour most people expect when tasting cinnamon. It’s mellow and considered much sweeter than other varieties. Fragrant Korinjte cinnamon is as strong as China cinnamon but smoother and not as nippy.

Kola Nut – Originally a bitter, potato-like flavour with a nutmeg aroma. The flavour profile increases with maceration time and finishes with a sweet floral aroma & taste that is reminiscent of rose petals.

All Spice – Tastes like a combination of spices, including nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. It’s strong but pleasant.



100% Alcohol Free

Global Plant Based Certified


Gluten Free

Allergen Free

Sugar Free

Low Calorie

Low Carb


With Sexy AF Spirits you can create your favorite mocktail and cocktail recipes. Using ingredients many people already have like orange juice, grapefruit juice, coconut milk, pineapple juice, fresh mint leaves or lemon juice you can create your own refreshing mixed drinks in the comfort of your own home.  *Once opened, please refrigerate.

More and more people are choosing the health benefits of our refreshing, alcohol free cocktails like the ViirGiin Mule, Triple Sexy Cosmopolitan, Amar-Oh Spritz, Friski Whiski Sour or AperTease NaGronii. Whether you are sober or sober curious you can still enjoy a Sexy AF Spirit any time you choose.

Next time you are out with family or friends, put down that sparkling water and lime juice and tell your server you want a cocktail that’s Sexy AF!

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