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Big Mouth Inc | Ruff Day Wine Glasses

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CUTE WINE GLASS: The BigMouth Inc’s Ruff Day Wine Glass is just what you need after a ruff day. It’s shaped like a cute puppy! It has a printed dog face and moulded dog ears on either side of the glass. (awwwww).
HIGH QUALITY: This unique and cute wine glass is made of real glass and measures approximately 10.5” tall. You can fetch yourself a 14 oz helping of the good stuff and watch as all of your problems become a walk in the park.
MAKES A GREAT GIFT: If you’re looking for a great gift idea for animal lovers and wine drinkers, this is it! It’s sure to be enjoyed at any birthday, bachelorette party or on your next wine night. It’s the best any occasion gift!
EASY TO CLEAN: This high-quality wine glass is easy to clean. After you’ve enjoyed your glass, you simply handwash and store for future use. Now who’s a good wittle girl? You are, yes you are!



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