Citron Deodorant


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Tea Tree: It’s not just for bug bites, skin infections, cuts, burns and scrapes.

Did you know that it’s not your sweat that causes body odour but the bacteria that form? That’s where potassium alum and its antimicrobial skills come in. It puts a halt to the growth of odour-causing bacteria that are responsible for body odour.

Like all of our deodorants, our Natural Citron Deodorant is free of synthetic aluminum compounds so it won’t block your pores or mess with your body’s natural temperature. Looking for our Men’s Stuff deodorant? This is actually the exact same formula and scent in a gender neutral label, because self-care is for everyone.

Got an empty? This bottle is 100% recyclable.

Made with: Soothing Aloe Vera and Liquid Crystal

100% Natural | Tested on people not animals | Size/Weight: 60ml

Due to high demand, inventory may be exhausted in advance.