Great gift ideas for little ones.

From sippy cups to baby butter, we’ve got a great selection of quality made, giftable items for the newest members of the family! Whether you’re looking for something soft and cozy like baby blanket or a plushie, or something more functional like snack containers and pyjamas, we’ve got great gifts they’ll cherish for years to come.


From their first smile to their first steps, make every occasion unforgettable with the perfect present for your little bundle of joy.


Board Games

From all of the classics, to the new and unique.

Browse through our unparalleled selection of board games, where the nostalgic charm of classics intertwines seamlessly with the excitement of new and one-of-a-kind games.


From timeless favourites that have stood the test of time to innovative gems that push the boundaries of gameplay, our diverse collection offers something for every taste and occasion. Whether you’re seeking a new game for family game night, our vast selection promises endless entertainment and unforgettable moments.



Experience the joy of imaginative play.

From classic baby dolls to fashion-forward companions, our diverse range offers something for every child’s personality and playstyle, encouraging endless adventures, nurturing moments, and unforgettable memories.


Our dolls are more than just toys—they’re cherished companions on a journey of discovery, imagination, and boundless fun. Join us in celebrating the wonder of childhood with our exceptional collection of dolls, where every moment is an opportunity for laughter, learning, and endless possibilities.


Baby Stella

Meet the Wee Baby Stella™ collection of 12″ soft dolls and imaginative accessories. Wee Baby is an excellent first baby doll and birthday gift for little ones – sized for snuggling, comes with a magnetic pacifier, and supports motor skills and social-emotional development through nurturing imaginative playtime.



With a legacy spanning over four decades, Corolle has earned its place as a global leader in the realm of doll design and innovation. Each Corolle doll is a masterpiece of artistry and imagination, meticulously crafted to ignite the hearts and minds of children around the world. From the softest fabrics to the most intricate details, every Corolle creation embodies a perfect blend of elegance and playfulness.

Our Generation

Each Our Generation doll is a unique reflection of diverse personalities, interests, and dreams, encouraging children to embrace their individuality and celebrate the beauty of friendship and inclusivity. From fashion-forward styles to adventurous spirit, every doll exudes charm and personality, inviting children to embark on exciting journeys of self-discovery and exploration.



For the love and fun of learning.

Discover a world of wonder and learning with our captivating range of science kits and educational toys. From budding chemists to aspiring engineers, our carefully curated collection offers hands-on experiences that ignite curiosity and inspire discovery. Dive into the realms of physics, chemistry, biology, and beyond as you experiment, build, and explore with our engaging selection of toys and paysets.


Whether you’re uncovering the mysteries of the universe or constructing intricate models, our toys seamlessly blend fun and education to spark a lifelong love for learning. Join us on a journey of exploration, where every discovery is a step towards a brighter, more curious future.



K’NEX toys are the building blocks of boundless imagination, empowering young builders to engineer their dreams into reality. With a unique interlocking system and versatile pieces, K’NEX sets allow children to construct anything their minds can conceive, from towering skyscrapers to dynamic roller coasters and beyond.


National Geographic

Our National Geographic toys bring the wonders of the world into the hands of curious adventurers everywhere. Inspired by the rich legacy of exploration and discovery associated with the National Geographic Society, their toys offer immersive experiences that ignite a passion for learning about our planet and its inhabitants.

Thames and Kosmos

Thames & Kosmos is renowned for crafting imaginative and educational toys that ignite curiosity and foster learning through play. With a commitment to quality and innovation, their diverse range of products spans from science kits and STEM sets to engaging board games and captivating craft kits.



Your favourite Lego sets,
all in once place.

Embark on endless adventures with our diverse array of LEGO sets, where creativity knows no bounds. From bustling cityscapes to fantastical realms, explore countless worlds brick by brick.


With themes ranging from superheroes to historic landmarks, there’s a LEGO set to ignite the imagination of every builder, young and old. Discover the magic of limitless possibilities and build your dreams one block at a time.



The perfect cuddle-buddies.

From timless brands like Ty and Jelly Cat, each plushie is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. Whether as a cherished gift or a charming addition to your own collection, our plushies are sure to spark smiles and create lasting memories.

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Spark imaginative play and learning with sxintricately crafted figurines.

Embark on a journey of wonder and creativity with our collection of Schleich toys! From majestic wild animals to enchanting mythical creatures, each meticulously crafted figurine invites children to explore new worlds through imaginative play.


Strike the perfect balance of learning and adventure as these quality-made toys inspire storytelling and spark curiosity. Whether it’s a fierce lion prowling the savanna or a mystical unicorn roaming enchanted forests, there’s a Schleich figurine to captivate every imagination.



For the love and fun of learning.

We’ve got a diverse range fo sensory toys to help improve your child’s motor skills and help develope cognition. Sensory toys are great for neurodivergent children, helping to encourage stimulation while keeping things fun.


From Tactile toys like Play-Doh and slime, to sensory kits and chewable, “Chews-me Jewlelry” made in Alberta, we’ve got a great selection to choose from.