Essential Oils

Aromatic essence distilled for your own therapeutics.

The many benefits of essential oils are not lost on us. We carry a wide variety of essential oils across a range of trusted brands known for their quality.


Whether you’re looking for relieve pain, manage stress, or simply looking to better your mental and spiritual well-being, we’ve got something to support you on your own journey in wellness. Ask us about the benefits of essential oils and which ones may be best for you and your goals.


Jane Iredale

The skincare makeup.

Iredale Cosmetics is a skincare and mineral makeup company that embraces the holistic approach to beauty developed by our founder, Jane Iredale. As innovators in the makeup sphere, they are always coming up with new ways to make makeup more fun, effective and easy to use. We love introducing new people into this incredible brand and watching it revolutionize the way the view their own individual beauty.


Visit us at the boutique and ask us about this amazing makeup line and ley your own journey into clean makeup begin.



Sharp, Refined, Essential.

Get him something he’ll actually love using. We have a range of locally produced and luxury men’s grooming lines that make for amazing gifts.


Check out our selection of beard oils, moustache wax, men’s soaps, shower gels, and a whole-host of accessories including combs and razors.


Captain Fawcett

A delux range of first-class mens grooming products created for the true gentlemen. This fun line of men’s care is full of personality and extremely giftable. With a focus on beard and moustache products, this line is perfect for an elegant and sophisticated look. Check out the full line in-store.

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Duke Cannon

Duke Cannon creates a litany of superior-quality men’s care and grooming products designed for the hard-working man. Their catalogue offers a great selection of giftable products like their signature oversized bricks of soap, or everyday products like their extra-thick shower gel. Their amazing line of masculine scents are perfect for starting the day off right and keeping him smelling and feeling fresh all day long.

Nova Scotia Fisherman

Made right in Nova Scotia, this incredible line creates hardy skincare with no added preservatives, artificial colours, artificial scents, and no animal testing of any kind. They use certified organic natural oils and all their products are infused with powerful Atlantic sea kelp sustainably hand-harvested from the pristine southern shores.

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Rockwell Razors

Rockwell Razors provides the perfect solution to overprices cartridge razors and gimmick-fuilled shave clubs. Their signature adjustable shave settings let you perfectly match your shave settings to your own stubble length and skin type. Their adjustable system is also great for first-time users. They also boast a fantastic range of oils and soaps that come together to formulate the perfect shave, every time.


A timeless brand in the history of skincare, Thayers is formulated with witch hazel and aloe vera to produce exceptional-quality facial toner this is alcohol-free. These toners are a fantastic every-day product that helps to restore skins natural PH, rehydrate and reduce inflamation, and evens skin tone. Check out out full slection in-store.

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Made in Calgary, this men’s beard-care line is raising the bar in the beard care industry. Fully natural and organic, this line has taken a unique approach to their scents creating inspiration combinations of essential and fragrance oils.

Shower & Bath

Treat yourself to something truly luxurious.

Self-care simplified. Treating yourself can be as easy as an aromatic bath salt or an extra-foamy bath bomb. We source out a variety of brands from locally in Alberta and across Canada that are dedicated to making quality products that are both that are both good for your health, and fun to use.


We also make sure that the the types of products we carry make for beautiful gifts as well. The only thing comparable to self indulgence is the gift of giving!

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After The Rain YYC

Made in Calgary, this conscious lifestyle brand creates natural, handmade products for an eco-friendly and toxin-free lifestyle. Our favourite products, their felted soaps, are made with all-natural ingredients in small batches.


Felted soap is like a soap and a washcloth all in one. The wool covering makes it easier to grip and increase the lather in these amazing natural soaps. The wool shrinks at the same rate as the soap so you are eventually left with a small bit of wool that just so happens to make the perfect cat toy!

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All Things Jill

Beautiful bath and body care made in Calgary with the most luxurious organic oils, salts, butters, clays and herbs. Their soaps are made with natural vegetable oils and the purest essential oils nature can offer. They contain no palm oil, no canola, no colourants, no parabens, no nasty stuff. Just pure, natural botanicals, nut butters, essential oils and raw materials.


Made with rich cocoa butter and our proprietary blends of essential oils, their tub truffles are delightful little bath companions offering the perfect way to add extra hydration to your next soak. Toss one into your filled tub and it will slowly fizz away, releasing moisturizing cocoa butter and your scent of choice into the water. When you finish your bath, your skin will feel amazingly soft. It’s a win for you and your skin! 

Clean Apothecary

Coming to us from Manitoba, Clean Apothecary creates clean, natural products that prioritize your individual well-being, rejuvenation and the harmony of mind, body and soul. Their assortment of bath salts, bath bombs and candles are infused with a variety of premium essential oils carefully combined to form unique scents crafted to uplift the soul.

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Happy Hippo

With their roots in Sylvan Lake, Alberta, what began as selling tub-friendly products at craft shows and markets quickly grew to a fully-fledged business. Each ingredient is carfully sourced and selected to get the highest quality ingredients possible to ensure a quality product every time.  Check out our wide selection of scents from this amazing brand at the boutique and mix and match your favourites!

Lamb's Soapworks

Based in southern Alberta, Lamb’s soapworks sources the highest quality, locally produced ingredients to craft their products. All of their produts are created with unrefined vegetable-based pure oils and butters. None of their products contain parabens, petrolatum, pthalates, or GMO’s in their raw ingredients or finished goods. 

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Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

From Canmore, Alberta, RMSC creates their diverse product line from 100%, natural, simple ingredients. They believe that high quality and effective personal and beauty care products should be good and safe for you, your family, and our earth.


With that goal in mind, they’ve created an array of natural products from shampoos and conditioners, to sugar scrubs and deodorants. Their products come in an array of relaxing, natural scents.

Soap So Co.

Made in Edmonton Soap So Co set out with a mission to create cuelty-free, eco-conscious, vegan artisan soaps that were not only beautiful, but effective and usable in everyday life. Their scents are pleasant and energized without being overpowering.


They also make bubble bath powder! This is a fun (and efficient) way to liven up your bath, not to mention have it smelling amazing.

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The Naked Bee

The Naked Bee takes a science-based approach to developing each of their products using natural and organic ingredients in balance with other high-quality ingredients chosen based on their overall safety and performance. Depending on the application, they intentionally use a more effective preservation than a less effective “natural” preservatives used by some other brands.


In their own words, “all of the good stuff, none of the bad stuff.”


Discover your Personal Glow.

We make it our mission to source out the highest quality skincare lines from reputable brands we know you can trust. It’s important to us to to be confident in the quality of the products we offer our customers. We’ve got a variety of Canadian-based and all-natural product lines we know you’ll fall in love with.


Visit us at the boutique and ask us what products are right for you!

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Barefoot Venus

Using Mother Nature’s legendary powers to seduce the sense, beautify the body and help heal the spirit, Barefoot Venus’ philosophy emerges: using old time ingredients consciously crafted to provid serious skin treatments and a wildkly angelic experience.

Across a diverse selection of relaxing and gorgeous scents spans their selection of lotions, cleansers, oils and even bath supplies all designed you unlock your own inner-goddess. Check out their signature scents at the boutique!

Beekman 1802

Beekman 1802 is a skin health brand based on the clinical science of 2 ingredients: goat milk and kindness. This line creates a variety of skincare solutions based around the benefits of goat milk. Their products create healthier skin by strengthening the skin barrier and balancing the skin’s microbiome.


Goat milk’s 31 kind and active nutrients (AHAs, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins) absorb well into the skin and feed, rebuild and revitalize skin’s needs.

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Traditionally found at top spas and medical offices, at-home microcurrent devices have become one of the hottest innovations in the anti-aging industry. These portable devices allow clients to benefit from the immediate and long-term benefits of microcurrent therapy.


Microcurrent is a low-level current that mimics the body’s natural ionic flow and has been clinically tested to safely and effectively address a variety of skin concerns. Because microcurrent works virtually without sensation, the treatment is soothing and most clients feel nothing at all. Microcurrent treatments are popular in the beauty industry for providing both instant and cumulative results.


Stop by and ask us about the power of microcurrent skincare!

Refresh Botanicals

From Edmonton, AlbertaRefresh Botanicals embodies the harmonious blend of nature’s gifts and cutting-edge science. Their products stand as testaments to innovation, featuring advanced technologies like encapsulation and micro-emulsions that deliver potent bioactives.


The result? Visible transformation for your skin.

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Guided by their founding dermatologist Dr. Jason Rivers, Riversol is here to help get you the results you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking to reduce the signs of aging, redness from rosacea or acne breakouts, Riversol had the product you’ve been looking for.


Dr. Rivers  30 years in  practicing dermatology in Vancouver and his dedication to his patients sets the tone for this incredible Canadian brand. Visit us to learn more.

Rocky Mountain Soap Co.

Based in Canmore, Alberta, along with their wide selection of bath products comes their amazing line of skincare products! From sunscreens and serums to deodorants and cleansers, all their products are handmade with 100% natural, simple ingredients. Stop by and see what this incredible brand has to offer!

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The aply-named “confidence in a jar,” routine deodorants are not just natural, but more effective then conventional. Coming in a variety of scents, these life-changers will be your new favourite product. It’s natural formulation also means you can use it on all places including yout feet, between your thighs, nape of neck and more! 

The Naked Bee

The Naked Bee takes a science-based approach to developing each of their products using natural and organic ingredients in balance with other high-quality ingredients chosen based on their overall safety and performance. Depending on the application, they intentionally use a more effective preservation than a less effective “natural” preservatives used by some other brands.


In their own words, “all of the good stuff, none of the bad stuff.”

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