Mini Crazy Cute | Play Doh


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GROW HILARIOUSLY LONG PLAY-DOH HAIR: Continue adding Play-Doh modeling compound to the Fuzzy Pumper mechanism in this toy hair styling set to make colorful Play-Doh hair grow longer and longer
LOOK FRESH WITH A CUT AND A SHAVE: Give the customer a trim with the Play-Doh scissors, or shave it all off with the make-believe razor. Then create more Play-Doh hair and start all over again
INCLUDES 8 TRICOLOR PLAY-DOH CANS: 3 colors in each can mean lots of color variety! This hair styling Play-Doh playset comes with 2 ounces of non-toxic Play-Doh compound in each can
CURL, CRIMP, BRAID, AND STYLE IT UP: Kids can play pretend hairstylist and get crazy creative with the crimping tool, braid roller, curlers, and ties for their own customized look
ALL STYLES WELCOME AT THE PLAY-DOH BARBERSHOP: The 3 styling head attachments make Play-Doh hairstyles of different shapes and thicknesses! This toy makes a great gift for kids 3 years and up

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