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Our Tuscan rub is a blend of sea salt, flecked with red and green from dried tomato and chili flakes and bits of oregano and rosemary. Its aromatic, salty taste reveals a hint of garlic and cumin with a spicy finish.



Use our Tuscan rub as a seasoning for your beef meatballs or veal polpettes. Mix it with olive oil to make a marinade for your steaks or lamb chops before grilling on the barbecue.


Distinctives attributes

Our Tuscan rub was inspired by the famous bistecca alla fiorentina, one of Tuscany’s culinary specialties.



Back in 1968, Franco Berti and his wife Franca had the idea to commercialize salt infused with herbs, a widely used and much loved ingredient in Italian family kitchens. The blend was originally made by carefully crushing salt and freshly picked herbs with an empty wine bottle. Today, three generations of Bertis are proudly perpetuating the tradition.



Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

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