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Our white truffle extra virgin olive oil is truly a unique culinary experience. The inimitable creaminess and nutty, earthy aroma of the truffle blends perfectly with the robust yet mild flavor of the extra virgin olive oil to create a delicious harmony on your palate.



This luxurious blend can be used to enhance dishes such as pastas, salads, etc., adding an extra layer of complexity and decadence to the dish. The oil can also be used as a dip for freshly baked crusty bread or on its own as a finishing touch to add depth and flavor.


Distinctives attributes

The Italian white truffle is a truly distinct element in the culinary world. Its unique, earthy flavor and aroma make it a sought-after delicacy prized by chefs around the world. All natural flavouring.



Saverio Guglielmi’s mill was founded by his grandfather in 1954 and passed on to his father and his uncle, until Saverio himself learned to craft his own olive oils. Today, the family business grows Puglian olive trees on an estate comprising over 170 hectares. It also uses new olive varieties to produce exceptional quality oils with distinctive aromatic notes.



Andria, Apulia, Italy.

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